New Nation School

“Education is the most powerful tool against poverty and injustice.”

-    Jay Naidoo

New Nation School was started in 1997 by Solly Molekwe who sadly passed away in 2006. However his dream was to educate homeless children and, thanks to his successor, Principal Jacob Dladla and his staff, that dream lives on and we are proud to continue as a part of it.New-Nation-School

The learners who attend New Nation School are from various shelters in and around Johannesburg and we assist with a feeding scheme. We also employ a lady to prepare daily meals for learners in both the Junior and High schools. For some, this is their only meal.  As always, we provide food parcels to a number of these children who have siblings at home, dependent on them for survival.

Donations in kind are often received and passed on to the school. They are truly grateful for whatever they receive.

We congratulate New Nation School on their 75% matric pass rate in 2011.  Considering the circumstances of the learners, this is a truly wonderful achievement.

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