Bet David Sisterhood

(Chairman – Jo Norris)

The change in name from Sisterhood to Kehillah is more than window dressing.
betDavid 1The challenge is for Kehillah to become an inclusive group welcoming all the members of our congregation, not only wom-en, to identify and participate in activities that serve and support the needs of our community.

This year Bet David Kehillah has been working hard to maintain the finances required to support our congregational and community outreach commitments. It remains a challenge to cover the costs of catering for weekly brachot, bring and share dinners, Yom Tovim, youth activities, feeding schemes & outreach projects. Kehillah relies heavily on contributions and donations in order to achieve its objectives.

This financial year also saw the completion of the Rondavel refurbishment. We now hope to improve the area by com-pleting the external renovation, and to remedy the internal acoustics. 

The Alexandra (Leamogetswe & Zenzeleni) feeding schemes have been running for 12 years. We have had the privilege of working closely with other charitable organizations, including the JD Group in conjunction with Russels, who helped to recondition the premises at Leomagotswe Feeding Scheme in Alexandra.

 betDavid 2

The Gerald Fitzpatrick Home for elderly ladies in Bertrams were once again treated to our dedicated cook, Neria's wonder-ful baking and a gift of blankets last year, and this winter we have visited again to provide knitted bed socks, blankets and a tea; thanks to our dedicated knitters who knitted 82 pairs!

As it is said in the Ethics of the Fathers: "It is not your duty to complete the work: neither are you free to desist from it."