It is in giving that we receive ~ St. Francis of Assisi
It is in giving that we receive
Sizwe Hospital At the end of the year party, each child received a present - a soft toy for the babies, colourful skirts for the girls and toy cars for the boys.
Sizwe Hospital

“Sisterhood Means Service”

For eight decades the United Sisterhood has served the greater community of South Africa. A commendable and highly respected feat for all Jewish woman involved in service with the Sisterhood since 1932 until the present day.

The sisterhood has many outreach projects at their helm serving children; woman; the aged; families; the sick and the religious. With these in mind, the objectives of the United Sisterhood has and is being driven to fruition.

Existing to provide care and upliftment for the elderly, the young, the sick and the less fortunate, the United Sisterhood for progressive Judaism aims to bring new meaning to the words ‘Sisterhood Means Service’ each and everyday.

The MC Weiler School in Alexandra Township has always had a special place in the hearts of the United Sisterhood. We have nurtured it from truly humble beginnings, of a dilapidated 4 roomed house, into a fully functional place of education with a full staff compliment and well over one thousand learners.

United-Sisterhood M-C-Weiler1During 2011, the feeding scheme continued with special attention to the neediest of its learners. This year, the numbers have risen to 250. They were provided with warm track suits, thermal vests, shirts and school shoes. Those in truly dire circumstances were also given a parcel to take home so that their siblings and other family members could receive some nourishment. read more →